I can understand about these type of article easily because I have been involved in these type of posts myself. A lot of passionate people always want to post these type of things so they can give a reality check to their countryman.

02/15/2017 11:45pm

It is so cool to see countries used awesome cars as a police patrol car. One of my favorites is the Italy police car, wherein they used Lamborghini. It is really awesome to see cops chasing the bad guys with that car. However, in Finland, it is nice to see them using an Eco friendly ride for the Police officer. Hopefully it won't get low battery when he goes to the office.

02/07/2017 7:38am

You are a great author for coming up with a post like this one. I find it nice as to how you compared the different police cars all over the world. I personally find the one from Italy the most extravagant. Now I am starting to wonder what kind of government does Italy possess. I am looking forward to more of your comparisons in the future.


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