05/30/2016 12:27am

Soon, in other words hope. The soon word is showing the factor hope that we should never have to loose in any type of situation. I am also known that this is easy in to say but hard for those are really facing the different situations.

01/17/2017 4:29am

That's really funny! That would surely make people go hysterical when they see the notification. It will cause that "mini heart attack" moment wherein people would go in panic while having their hearts beating so fast. I wish it won't happen anyway. That would really be embarrassing. If you know what I mean.

05/19/2017 2:24am

This is hilarious! My friend's dad actually got pranked by this. He actually thought that it was successfully shared, he passed out. One of the best pranks of all time. Thanks for sharing how they got the idea. Keep on posting!

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