09/23/2016 2:45am

The "Starter Pack" trend has been going strong for over a month now on Twitter, but the numbers of tweets have exploded in the past 24 hours, and the topic "Starter Pack" has been trending throughout the US all day. It’s like a Pokémon that exploded in the internet a few weeks ago. The "starter pack" concept involves posting 4 photos together that represent everything you'd need to become a certain kind of person. Typically, the jokes are stereotyping a certain group, trend, clique, personal identity, sub-culture or even individual person. I believe that it’s just a joke concept.

01/12/2017 7:44am

This page is about the best and interesting news for us. A fatty body is bad for us and cholesterol gives heart disease. We should go out for the walk and avoid the oily food.

04/13/2017 6:03am

Fox news has proven themselves to be unworthy and very biased. They are always showing how crooked they are in their news segment. They always say what they want to say without considering others' feelings. I really dislike their channel and hope that they get overthrown by other news channels. This is a really appropriate picture on how to describe the type of people that believe in them.

04/21/2017 3:40pm

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