07/01/2016 1:47am

People of America have very nice message here and and they should follow it for the betterment of their country. I want all of the to share this message with Americans so they will do something for their country.

12/21/2016 5:24pm

Grooot, I am Groooot! This is a fun meme, really. To think that they want Groot to be the next President of America. Well, I think it would be fun if Groot will be the next President. And maybe he can make a big change to the people and to America itself. And fun the movie, Groot is really protective of his friends. So, if he became the President, he will protect America like his own friend or maybe a family.

04/21/2017 3:56pm

Thank you, I am quite helpful with the article that you are sehering


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