06/21/2016 1:20am

That police officer is looking nice in his uniform but we can see that nowadays police is too much disrespected because government use them for their own purpose. Now people don't like to join this department like before.

08/26/2016 5:23am

This is such a funny post. At first, I thought it was really Daniel Radcliffe. That guy really looks just like him. I'll stay tuned for more hilarious photos from your blog. Thanks for sharing this!

08/27/2016 8:18pm

I think it would be unfair for our Police officers to received various negative views about them.As much as it has been true that there are Few or worse too much Police nowadays who are involved in so many illegal and felonious activities, we must not also forget that there are still Dignified and responsible Police officers around us who are still doing their job to provide security and safety as well as protect the welfare of everyone. This is just a matter of principle, integrity and love of country!


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