De skrattar när de kastar sten på polisen. Vet du vilka de är? Kontakta polisen på 114 14...

Australien kan stenkastning mot Räddningstjänsten ge upp till 14 års fängelse. I Sverige bjuder polisen på kaffe.
Vi borde dock kanske servera Koffeinfritt/Sockerfritt nästa gång...



Björn Hedström
11/19/2016 23:55

I wonder why the Swedish police don´t open fire?

After a few hundred dead men in Sweden I´m sure they will stop throwing stones and so on at our police force. The Swedish police force have monopoly on using lethal violence and we are many who wonders why they (the police) don´t open fire=

Robin Jacobsson
02/18/2017 10:32

They don,t open fire because the swedish goverment/ löven thinks that IT is against the law to kill imigrants but they allow IT when the imigrants do the rapeing/killing

02/25/2017 02:28

03/08/2017 20:38

I was wondering the same thing that why this police officer is being trying to do such act that can take the life of any other person. Some explanation would be good for this type of post to read.

06/06/2017 18:02

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