VR glasögon påstås ju bli årets julklapp
Sorligt nog skulle han gå över kanten ändå om han såg den

Bildkälla: http://jeanders-bilder.blogspot.se/
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12/15/2016 15:13

Reality is very important because i have listen from many places that no one can hide reality because reality take his place by his own way and one do not have to do hard work for reality. And if any one did bad act then he can not hide it. On one day, one have to face a lot of different things on the real issues.

04/05/2017 13:55

Virtual reality is a reality emulation. This is presented to us in a way that we can experience the reality in a computer generated virtual reality. The guy looks like a politician because of the outfit he is wearing. He is also carrying something and lets say that it was a check book. The guy is also going to fall along the cliff. This picture portrays a lot of significance.

09/01/2017 06:48

Nothing I can say but gret for this article. Love to read it again and again.


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