Outfit and armor handmade by Cosplay Artist Alkali Layke in collaboration with comic book artist Shelby Robertson (American Dischord)


07/02/2016 6:36am

Alkali Layke good style during the taking selfie and i really like this created design. Its really wonderful post for all time and i appreciate your good job to make it. The picture shown the art, which take a big effort and hard work to make it. Thanks for giving the access to visit this article.


Lovely costume!. If my body is not like an inverted beer bottle maybe I would also love to wear one of those. My friends are into cosplay but I can't join them because I am out of shape. You have a very nice physique. I love your outfit and your hair. Keep posting.

03/29/2017 4:28am

Thanks for sharing your work. I now need to add some interactivity to the offline map, so that a user can get info after clicking on a point.


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