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From ordering to arrival (or in my case pickup from DHL) was 9 days. Not bad at all!

“The whole process from ordering to receiving the doll took 9 days – excellent time if you ask me”

I cannot praise Sili Doll enough for the communication and service provided

She (Suki) feels remarkably real

Orally, vaginally, or anally, she (Suki) is better than I hoped for

I own 2 Flesh lights and an Auto blow 2. After meeting my new friend, I can’t ever see going back to them

In my opinion, she feels much MUCH better than any of my toys, past or present

“Simply a work of art. This is my first TPE doll and she made me a believer… I have other dolls of different materials and the Suki is maybe the most lifelike doll in my collection”

Why buy a love doll?
  • Great exercise
  • If you wanna get good at something you train
  • She unlike the real thing is always ready and in the mod, 
  • Great way to release that extra pressure until its time for the real show
  • Maybe you don't have a girlfriend atm, We all have needs
  • They are fun!


04/04/2016 11:21am

Hmm mite have to get one of them doll


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